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Georges Laraque wants CH to hire Patrice Bergeron

Not that it came as a surprise, but Patrice Bergeron’s retirement a few days ago came as a shock to many.

And rightly so. After all, the guy was respected throughout the NHL and nobody had anything bad to say about him. Except, perhaps, this sports radio station…

Now you have to wonder if Bergeron is done with field hockey or does he eventually want to make a comeback, but this time in the Bruins’ offices.

Could he work for another club?

If so, could the Canadiens sign him? That’s an idea raised by Georges Laraque, who expressed his wish on BPM Sports.

Obviously, Bergeron is a local guy. He knows the organization and he knows the city. He’s a well-respected guy and, in my opinion, he has everything it takes to have a great role, tailor-made for him, in the metropolis. What’s more, Bergeron is a former client of Kent Hughes.

The two amigos could take advantage of their relationship to discuss jobs.

I wouldn’t mind offering the former Bruins captain a job, but in my opinion, if he was going to work for an NHL club, it’d be with the Bruins. He spent his entire professional career there, 19 years. It’s the team with which he collected 1,040 points. It’s the team that gave him his first chance in the NHL. It’s the team that gave him the room of a glorious organization.

It was in Boston that he made his name. Bergeron will have his number 37 retired from the heights of the TD Garden, and it’s this jersey that will be in the Hockey Hall of Fame in a few years’ time.

If Bergeron were to work for an NHL team, it would be the Bruins. Not the Canadiens, and certainly not any other of the 30 NHL teams.

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