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Cayden Primeau would not be asked to go to the ballot if he did, believes Marc Dumont

Cayden Primeau has been the talk of the town for some time now. Of course, the American is labeled as the team’s future goaltender, but his many starts in the big league have been inconclusive to date.

The 2022-2023 season was the last year he could prove himself, because from next season onwards, he’ll have to go through the ballot to go to Laval. And in Montreal, I wonder if the plan is to keep three goalies (Samuel Montembeault, Jake Allen and Primeau) up there…

Unlike last year, the organization has greater depth in front of the net. Kent Hughes drafted three goalies last year, and the Rocket signed Quebec goalie Zachary Émond not long ago. As a result, Primeau may be in his last days with the Tricolore.

A move to the ballot and a claim by another team could revive his career. He could be a Samuel Montembeault 2.0, like

But not so fast! Marc Dumont would be very surprised if Primeau were to make the ballot (if he were to do so). That’s what the former team employee said in his text yesterday afternoon.

Dumont feels the same way about Jesse Ylonen, by the way.

But regarding the goaltender, Dumont says every team has one or two Primeaus in its prospect bank. The chances of him being claimed are therefore slim, in his opinion. Especially since, if Primeau is claimed, he would have to play in the NHL.

Does a team desperately need a guy like Primeau as a number-two goalie in the big leagues? I don’t know.

Another question to ask: would Hughes take the risk of giving him up at the ballot box? Because he gets claimed, there’s no turning back…

At least we have Samuel Montembeault, Jakub Dobes and Jacob Fowler who can take over in front of the net for the long term.

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