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Alex Galchenyuk: a new lawsuit (for $400,000) adds to his woes
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At the beginning of July, Alex Galchenyuk signed a contract with the Arizona Coyotes. It looked like the start of a great month for the player who, for at least another year, would find work in North America.

That said, things went downhill from there. An arrest led the Coyotes to terminate his contract, and in the end, the player entered the player assistance program.

Now, the KHL seems to be the best option for him if he wants to play field hockey this year.

But even so, he’ll have to deal with his run-ins with the American justice system (in Scottsdale, to be precise) over the coming weeks and months.

But it looks like he’ll also have legal problems in Canada, as the Journal de Montréal reports today that the Royal Bank of Canada has filed a lawsuit against the former CH forward, for nearly $400,000.

The reason? Defaults on a loan contracted in 2014, when he was playing for the Tricolore.

At the time, he had taken out a loan of nearly $300,000 U.S., which is now equivalent to nearly $400,000 Canadian ($395,714, to be exact). The bank wants all his money back, especially since it notified him in April that he was in default (and had done nothing to rectify the situation).

It’s clear that Galchenyuk needs help in many areas of his life. On top of his consumer problems (which he’s trying to deal with in the assistance program right now), now there are financial problems on top of it all.

I feel like I’ve been playing the same tape for the past month, but I really hope he finds a way to get the support he needs to put his life back together. I really wish him all the best in his attempts to recover from his recent difficulties.

We’ll see how the case evolves, but the former Tricolore striker is facing yet another headache. Let’s hope there won’t be any more, for his sake.

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