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Kent Hughes and the field hockey world unite in congratulating Patrice Bergeron
This morning, history was made in Boston when Patrice Bergeron announced his retirement. One of the best center players of his generation, he was a model of class and consistency throughout his illustrious career.

What’s clear is that this leaves the Bruins with some huge shoes to fill. We’re talking about a guy who has embodied the very essence of the organization for a couple of decades, and that’s not going to be easy to replace.

So it’s easy to understand why the current edition of the Bruins are very, very sad to lose him. The team’s official Twitter account has shared a video of his most recent teammates paying tribute to him, and it’s quite touching (especially when David Krejci and Brad Marchand speak).

And the fact that the guys in the video are wearing the clothes they wore when they emptied the lockers suggests that Bergeron knew he was going to retire a long time ago (perhaps even when he hugged Marchand after the Bruins were eliminated, in fact).

Of course, we know that the captain was a particularly popular guy in Boston, but his poise and sportsmanship also made him a respected player throughout the NHL.

And even beyond being simply respected, he was truly loved within the Bettman circuit.

You need look no further than Sidney Crosby, a guy who played against him time and time again, to see just how much the guys on the Bettman circuit hold him in their hearts. Via the Penguins’ Twitter account, Sid posted a touching message for his former adversary (and international teammate).

And even when we look at the Bruins’ great rivals, we notice that the rivalry is left aside in order to honor one of the greats of his generation. The CH, for example, also took the time to give a little love to the Bruins legend.

Of course, we know that Kent Hughes knows him well as his former agent, but #37 was also a role model for Nick Suzuki.

In short, throughout the NHL, Patrice Bergeron was a guy who was appreciated by his peers, and with good reason: it’s hard to find a better role model both on and off the ice.

Here are a few other reactions we’ve seen on social networks today to the announcement of his retirement (and clearly, we’re seeing the positive on top of the positive):

In short, today really showed just how much Bergeron is appreciated in the field hockey world.

And I, in turn, wish him the best of retirements after a most illustrious career in the best field hockey league in the world.

In brief

– Even the New England Patriots (NFL) are taking the time to acknowledge Patrice Bergeron’s career. He left a mark on many, many people.

– Great news.

– Transaction in the MLB.

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