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2020 Draft: The Canadiens had the second-best draft that year

I love seeing re-drafts after a few years. It gives us a good idea of who performed well in the draft and managed to maximize the value of their picks. It’s something I’ve done myself with friends on a few occasions.

The problem is, it’s easy to say who was right and who was wrong several years later. But it’s always important to remember that when the teams made their selections, they didn’t have as much information as they do now that we’re a few years down the line.

If teams had crystal balls, they wouldn’t make so many mistakes!

In this regard, we must not forget to put selections into context. For example, in the 2012 draft, almost everyone saw Naïl Yakupov as the best player in his draft. More than 10 years later, we know that he doesn’t have what it takes to become an NHL star… or even just an NHL player. But back then, nobody knew.

Like I said, it’s easy to judge after the fact!

Well, back to the heart of the matter, the 2020 draft.

According to today’s assessment by Scott Wheeler of The Athletic, the best-performing teams in this draft are none other than the Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Canadiens.

According to him, Kaiden Guhle would be the 19th best player of the draft, whereas he was originally drafted 16th. That’s a 3-rank drop. But Trevor Timmings’ stroke of genius was the selection of Sean Farrell with the very last pick of the fourth round, 124th overall. According to Wheeler, Farrell should have been selected by the Philadelphia Flyers with pick number 23. The result is a masterful leap forward of 101 positions, the biggest gain in this ranking!

At #28, the Senators should have selected Justin Barron, now a member of the Canadiens. Barron was originally picked 25th overall, and is therefore the target of a 3-rank drop in this new ranking. Nevertheless, the player the CH acquired in a trade remains among the first-round picks.

According to this list, the Habs now have 3 players who should have been selected in the top 31 at the 2020 draft. Not a bad harvest, especially if you include Barron in the equation.

But even though the Habs come out on top with 3 players in the top 31, they’re largely outclassed by the team from the federal capital. In fact, according to Wheeler, the Sens got the 2 best players of the draft by selecting Tim Stûtzle at No.3 and Jake Sanderson at No.5. As of today, they would be respectively first and second in the draft if the exercise took place now.

Back then, Simon ” Snake ” Boisvert received a barb full of negative comments from fans after ranking Tim Stützle ahead of Alexis Lafrenière. Snake doesn’t always hit the bull’s-eye, but this time we have to admit he was Bull’s eye in his prediction.

To these two youngsters, we add the name of Ridly Greig, 28th choice at the time, who is now ranked 25th. In other words, in the 2020 draft, the Senators had three first-round picks, and each time, they were able to get their hands on players whose rank in this re-draft is on the rise.

Truly, the Ottawa Senators’ amateur scouting team has done an incredible job over the past few years. All that’s left now is for Pierre Dorion’s team to make the playoffs!

In closing, and not to be a party pooper, it’s worth mentioning that one of Scott Wheeler’s most banged-up teams is the New York Rangers. Their selections of Alexis Lafrenière at No. 1 and Braden Schneider at No. 19 proved problematic. For Laffy, it’s a 4-rank drop to5th and for Schneider, it’s a one-place drop.

Knowing that these were picks by Jeff Gorton, then general manager of the Rangers, and Nick Bobrov, who was on his scouting team, let’s just say it makes me cringe a little, since they’re now with the Montreal Canadiens.

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