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Mathieu Dandenault: Wings players respected Patrick Roy, but also hated him

The Red Wings and Avalanche gave rise to one of the greatest rivalries in field hockey history in the late 90s and early 2000s. The Red Wings’ most hated player was Patrick Roy.

At least, that’s what Quebecer Mathieu Dandenault told radio station TSN 690 radio station.

“I’m a big Patrick (Roy) fan , but we all hated Patrick (Roy). […] But we had all the respect in the world for him.” – Mathieu Dandenault

The players didn’t like Patrick Roy because he was just too good. According to Dandenault, Roy had a certain ” swagger ” that made him detestable.

He was so disruptive to the Red Wings that the organization went after Dominik Hasek for one good reason: to neutralize and counter Patrick Roy. That’s crazy. Imagine if the CH made a trade for a top-3 NHL goaltender just to counter the Bruins’ Linus Ullmark.

The rivalry between Detroit and Colorado was very intense. As Dandenault explains, Joe Sakic is one of the most beloved players in field hockey, but he was hated by all Red Wings players during those few years of intense rivalry.

The Patrick Roy effect worked with the Avalanche, who won two Stanley Cups during his time in Colorado.

Although he spent nine seasons in a Red Wings uniform, it was his time in Montreal that left the greatest impression on Mathieu Dandenault. In the interview, he explains that he received several tempting offers from teams all over the NHL, but ultimately accepted a smaller fee to play for the Tricolore.

Does he regret this decision? No regrets at all. He loved playing at home in front of his family and friends. What really impressed him was the opportunity to be part of the Anciens Canadiens organization.

Speaking of the Anciens Canadiens, Mathieu Dandenault has created an auction on the organization’s website where people can try to win an afternoon on his pontoon with him.

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