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Leafs may have no choice but to buy out TJ Brodie’s contract
The Toronto Maple Leafs are now $12.3 million over the NHL salary cap.

Everyone is signed, but Auston Matthews and William Nylander are still without contracts for the 2024-2025 season.

We can anticipate that Matt Murray, whose contract is worth $6.25 million, will see the latter bought out or placed on the long-term injured list, joining Jake Muzzin who is already there. That would free up some cash. Some money.

But it’s really, really not enough. With the feeling already that the Leafs haven’t improved this summer, they could be forced to part with one of their best defensemen. Today, the idea of buying out TJ Brodie’s contract is being raised, and quite frankly… It’s almost as if the team had no choice but to turn to this solution.

Brad Treliving spent $17 million on the free-agent market, with players he obviously believed in. He knew full well, however, that later he would be forced to save drastically.

TJ Brodie, a respectable defensive defenseman, could be tased as the team’s new GM spent to obtain the services of John Klingberg, an antithesis of Brodie.

The problem is, this buyout would wipe out his salary for next season, before seeing him reappear at half that in 2024-2025, at a value of $2.5 million.

And even taking his $5 million off the payroll for next year, adding it to Matt Murray’s 6.25, repeat after me….

It’s not enough.

Unless the team finally trades William Nylander, it’s still hard to imagine how the Maple Leafs’ GM will be able to present a team in good standing for the start of the season, without sacrificing a significant portion of his 2024-2025 payroll with buyout penalties. He won’t have a choice, but the how is intriguing.

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