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Clearly, the Canadian isn’t interested in Maxime Comtois

Maxime Comtois makes no secret of it. Inan interview on 98. 5, he said out loud thathe’d love to play in Montreal, having grown up watching the Habs.

The Longueuil native is currently free as a bird after the Ducks decided not to make him a qualifying offer…

And we’re still waiting to see where he’ll be playing in the NHL next year. He says he has a few options on the table right now, and his ultimate goal is to sign for a place that will allow him to win on a regular basis.

Comtois says he’s “fed up with losing”, which is why he’s so happy to be leaving Anaheim. That said, as much as he’d love to play for his childhood team…

There’s every reason to believe that scenario won’t present itself any time soon. At least, not next year.

The Canadiens aren’t among the teams that have contacted my agent. I have no problem playing in such a demanding, high-pressure market. – Maxime Comtois

Is this really surprising?

After all, the Habs already have a lot of forwards signed for next year, and Comtois probably won’t have had the opportunity to make his mark 100%.

He wouldn’t have been able to play as much as he would have liked, and at some point, he would have been unhappy with his lot. It’s simply realistic.

The Team Canada scandal also plays a role in all this. The names involved should be revealed shortly, and a little bird tells me that Kent Hughes and the CH organization don’t want to be linked to such a story…

Especially after the Logan Mailloux story.

But it’s really the player’s performance on the ice that makes sense. Comtois has seen a significant drop in NHL production over the past two years, and he’s looking for himself on the ice.

It’s not as if the Habs really need him.

In gusto

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