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Coyotes want to extend André Tourigny’s contract

Since his arrival in Arizona, head coach André Tourigny has not transformed the face of the Coyotes. He has, however, done a good enough job of convincing his bosses to extend his contract.

Coyotes general manager Bill Armstrong told that he hopes to extend Tourigny’s contract with the Coyotes.

Armstrong is pleased with Tourigny’s work in “phase 1″ of their rebuilding plan. Phase 2” would begin soon, and the GM wanted to be able to keep the same pilot during this second operation.

In fact, the Quebecer is entering the third and final year of the contract he signed with the Coyotes in 2021. Over the last two seasons, Tourigny has a 53-90-21 record. It’s far from glorious, but let’s not forget that the team is rebuilding, so the record doesn’t help illustrate much.

Even though this is the last year of his contract, Tourigny confirmed to that he won’t be changing his attitude. He believes that focusing on the contract would become a distraction and that, if he does his job well, everything will go according to plan.

His contract extension shouldn’t worry the head coach anyway, since even the players want to keep him in place.

Jason Zucker signed a one-year contract with the Coyotes on July 1, and admits he’d like to stay with the Arizona outfit for the long term. He even explains that his decision was influenced by André Tourigny and that he wants to work with him.

In fact, Tourigny has created a healthy environment for Arizona players. Even though their amphitheater is very small, the players seem happy to come and practice and play. It’s all part of Tourigny’s job to make everyone feel good.

Now that “phase 1” of the Coyotes’ rebuilding plan is complete, André Tourigny wants to play and win big games. The Coyotes’ last playoff appearance was in 2020, when they lost in the first round to the Avalanche on the bubble.

I don’t think the Coyotes will be a threat this year, but it won’t be long. The young players they’ve drafted will slowly come along and reshape everyone’s image of Arizona.

And André Tourigny should be there to lead the team to success.

In Brief

– Two new members of the Temple.

– Things continue to go well for Julien.

– It’ll be a while before we see Ohtani back on the mound for the Angels.

– It doesn’t end well.

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