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Alex Galchenyuk was a great employee for André Tourigny
Alex Galchenyuk.

A name that has resonated in the National Hockey League for 11 seasons already.

Yet, since leaving Montreal in 2018, Galchenyuk has enjoyed far less success on the ice.

So why are we talking so much about him?

Firstly, because he’s a former top CH draft pick who never quite exploded like we thought he would, and secondly, well, because the American often finds a way to get people talking about him for all the wrong reasons.

This has been the case recently, as Galchenyuk seems to have really hit rock bottom in terms of his NHL career, which has been hanging by a thread for four seasons now.

To cut a long story short, just days after signing a contract with the Arizona Coyotes for next season, the Coyotes terminated the contract.

No one understood the news until more was learned.

The termination of his contract was linked to an arrest during which he allegedly seriously insulted and threatened a police officer and his family.

A few days after this news, Galchenyuk announced that he was entering the player assistance program.

In short, it’s a shame, but nothing’s going right for the former CH player.

His NHL career is probably over, and part of the reason is his reputation for bad attitude.

Yet according to Arizona Coyotes head coach André Tourigny, who coached Galchenyuk during the 2021-2022 season, the former Tricolore had no attitude problems.

Indeed, Tourigny explained on 98.5 that for him, Galchenyuk was a very good employee.

“Galchenyuk doesn’t say a word in a field hockey room […] he’s a very good employee! Gally, he shows up, he works, he’s passionate, he smiles and he’s in a good mood. He’s a guy who doesn’t talk much, he’s not a guy who’s going to be the room clown. I’ve never had anything to say about his attitude!” – André Tourigny

Our colleagues at HabsetLNH also covered the news.

So, in a way, Tourigny defended Galchenyuk’s reputation by contradicting host Jérémie Rainville’s comments that Galchenyuk had a disturbing attitude in the dressing room.

For the Coyotes coach, who had Galchenyuk on the bench for 60 games during the 2021-2022 season, the former CH player never had any attitude or behavior problems, quite the contrary.

Of course, Tourigny doesn’t make Galchenyuk feel any less guilty.

All he explains is that the player’s bad reputation is clearly exaggerated, and that his career has been ruined more by his rather mediocre work ethic and very low motivation.

We also know that his father’s influence was detrimental to Galchenyuk’s career.

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