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According to The Athletic, Joel Edmundson’s departure is a “big win”.
In recent weeks, the Canadiens have parted ways with Joel Edmundson. As the defenseman approaches full autonomy (a year from now), he was respectfully traded by Kent Hughes.

Even though 50% of his $3.5 million annual salary was retained by the Flanelle, it still makes room on the payroll. It also makes room on the ice, where many young players are knocking on the door.

But according to The Athletic, it also helps the CH on another level.

According to the model developed by Dom Luszczyszyn, the platform’s statistical expert, the Habs rank ninth in the NHL among the most improved teams.

Letting go of Jonathan Drouin and Edmundson and adding Alex Newhook will allow the CH to add 5.6 goals this season, which is better than many other NHL teams.

And according to Luszczyszyn, the departure of Joel Edmundson is one of the reasons why.

Clearly, the expert has never liked defenders of this calibre (Ben Chiarot isn’t his favourite either), but he also considers that Joel has slowed down a lot.

And since he’s not known for scoring, it’s understandable that the expert doesn’t think Eddy is as sharp defensively as he used to be. After all, he likes the Drouin/Newhook switch, but for him, it’s not the #1 aspect to consider when ranking the CH ninth in the standings.

The Habs’ big win, though, comes from addition via subtraction. – Dom Luszczyszyn

In his eyes, he’s already been very strong defensively, but subtracting him from the equation right now is a good thing. He feels that the CH is better off without him, and that getting rid of him was a good move by the CH.

He doesn’t pull any punches, as they say.


You won’t be surprised to learn that the expert ranks the Capitals 21st. That’s because one of their biggest acquisitions is Edmundson.

He also says that picking up Max Pacioretty is a risk because of his health – which is true.

In short

– Your questions.

– Too many Penguins goalies?

– Good for the Hurricanes.

– He’s got to get back up.

– Um…

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