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Game #7 against Seattle: Alex Newhook, the Avalanche’s “most dangerous player” in the first period

It’s the off-season and the Canadiens’ moves seem, for the moment, to be over. So it’s time to get ready for next season, by trying to get to know the team’s only real (debatable) first-round acquisition, Alex Newhook, a little better.

Grant McCagg of decided to analyze the most recent samples available of the young forward, namely the first-round series between the Avalanche and the Kraken.

First, it’s important to understand that he was used very sparingly in the first six games of this series, averaging around 8 minutes per game.

Fourth-team playing time, that is – while understanding that he went there for a reason.

But it’s in Game 7 that things get interesting, according to McCagg. In the first period, to be precise, the young man’s play amazed the analyst: he was a different player, in that important moment.

“He was probably the Avalanche’s most dangerous player in the first period of that game. If Colorado had been able to score the first goal in the first period at home, they probably would have won. And nobody got better than Newhook during that period, he was dangerous!”

-Grant McCagg

It was in this match that he was used the most, with 14 minutes.

McCagg reckons Newhook can be placed on any of the top three threes. It will be interesting to follow developments as, with Suzuki, Dach, Monahan, Dvorak and Newhook, it’s hard to say who will be center and who will be wing. Although Dvorak will miss the start of the season, it’s possible that Newhook will be placed on the wing to help Dach’s development at center.

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