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Alex Galchenyuk enters player assistance program
Credit: Screenshot : Twitter
Last week, Alex Galchenyuk was in the news for all the wrong reasons. The former CH forward, who had just signed with the Coyotes, saw his contract terminated by his new club after he was arrested by Scottsdale police.

And according to reports, the information contained in the police report was most damning.

Reading all this, it was clear that the player needed help. The situation was really sad and, frankly, quite worrying.

The good news is that Galchenyuk seems to be willing to reach out to the resources at his disposal to get better. According to Emily Kaplan, the forward has made the decision to enter the Player Assistance Program to get help.

And, in the process, he took the time to write a letter to the police apologizing for his “deeply disrespectful and abhorrent” behavior.

Clearly, it’s encouraging to see him getting a helping hand to combat his problems. Galchenyuk has confirmed that he was under the influence of alcohol the night of his arrest, and he wants to get resources to deal with the problem.

In fact, he posted a letter on social networks confirming that he is entering the assistance program and apologizing to all those who were hurt by the situation. He also sent another to the Coyotes and their supporters, also available on social networks.

According to Emily Kaplan, Galchenyuk is experiencing significant personal problems related to the fact that his wife, a Canadian citizen, can’t come and live with him in the U.S., even though the two have been living apart for the past year. Chucky is said to feel particularly guilty about the situation.

But whatever is going on in his life, we can only wish him well. The past year seems to have been a painful one for Galchenyuk, and I’m really glad to see him take the bull by the horns and get the help he seems to need.

I really hope that, like Carey Price and Spencer Knight before him, it will benefit him.

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