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Ryan O’Reilly left Toronto because the pressure was too great

If you think there’s pressure in Montreal for the players, you haven’t been watching Toronto for very long. In Montreal, the team’s athletes can at least get a break from the fans, the vast majority of whom don’t speak English. There’s pressure in Montreal, there’s no denying it, but this element can play a positive role in the balance from the players’ point of view.

Not so in Toronto.

Everyone speaks English there, so there’s no break. Wherever the guys go, they can be inveigled by a fan who will tell them what they think. 100% of the media content and comments on social networks are in English and can be understood by the players. It’s a solid, more intense notch when you think about it.

When Ryan O’Reilly decided to test the autonomy market this summer and sign with the Nashville Predators, we could all imagine him wanting to be a little less in the public eye. We imagined it, now we know it, since he confirmed it earlier today at a press conference.

Being in the spotlight like this, constantly, can’t be easy at all, and Ryan O’Reilly has decided to ultimately choose himself and go to a place where he believes he can be good and successful.
Speaking of which, he says he doesn’t understand why his new team couldn’t aspire to top honors.

Just to answer your question my dear Ryan, here are the best forwards with you on the club: Filip Forsberg and Gustav Nyquist. It’s clearly not Colton Sissons who’ll be burning the light bulb behind the opposing net next season!

That said, I wish him the best of luck.

Nothing is impossible. After all, when he left Buffalo criticizing the organization’s culture, many wondered if he wasn’t the problem. His Cup in St. Louis has rectified that. If he repeats the feat in Nashville, I’ll be the first to be astonished and beg his pardon, Mononcle.

In gusto

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