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Hurricanes management may have played a role in the cancellation of the DeAngelo deal
Tony DeAngelo has been in the news in the National Hockey League for several weeks now.

For a long time now, rumours have been circulating that DeAngelo would return to Carolina.

But the deal never went through.

The reason for this was that the NHL had serious reservations about DeAngelo returning to Carolina less than a year after leaving.

The NHL found it very suspicious, wondering if the Hurricanes were raiding the salary cap rules.

That’swhy we thought the deal would finally be completed last weekend, given that DeAngelo had been a member of the Flyers for over a year, but it never materialized.

In fact, a few days later, the Flyers placed DeAngelo on the unconditional ballot to terminate his contract.

It’s a bizarre situation, then, for a trade that never took place.

We’re still wondering what happened, but recently, new details have surfaced suggesting that Hurricanes management played a role in the cancellation of the deal.

In fact, according to Anthony Di Marco, this is one of the many factors behind the collapse of this transaction.

So, what we can read between the lines is that Tom Dundon, owner of the Carolina Hurricanes, had his say, and potentially blocked the deal.

Perhaps Dundon was aware of something that caused him to oppose the deal and abort it.

And knowing DeAngelo’s past, this is indeed possible.

Indeed, the 27-year-old defenseman is known for his bad behavior and sometimes deplorable attitude, which is why he left the New York Rangers.

And in Philadelphia, let’s just say he wasn’t John Tortorella’s favorite.

DeAngelo may well have been a black sheep with the Hurricanes too, despite his incredible season.

He scored 51 points (10 goals, 41 assists) in 64 games, and added 10 points in 14 playoff games.

In short, DeAngelo is now a free agent, so any team could decide to sign him.

What helps DeAngelo’s case for yet another chance is the fact that he’s quite talented, and a solid offensive defenseman.


He’s really not just any defenseman who can record seasons of 53 points in 68 games, and 51 points in 64 games.

So let’s see where he ends up this time.

DeAngelo has a lot of defensive shortcomings, but his offensive talent is undeniable, and that could very well interest a team aspiring to big honors.

Could the Hurricanes be interested again now that he’s available for free?

Stay tuned.

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