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Too combative: Evander Kane leaves the Alliance for Diversity in Hockey
A few years ago, we saw the birth of the Alliance for Diversity in Hockey (ADH), a group that wanted to tackle racism in the field hockey world. And because the group relied on NHL players, it had a certain credibility.

Among them was Evander Kane, one of the two co-founders (along with Akim Aliu). We know that the forward has always been very involved with causes of this kind, and with ADH, he was getting involved in his own group to tackle racism.

However, since its inception, the ADH has not been able to work jointly with the NHL. The two groups are working on the same issue separately, and the NHL doesn’t really seem to want to recognize the ADH.

And now, Kane has announced that he is withdrawing from the ADH for two reasons: he feels that some guys are there to defend their own interests (and not the cause) and he doesn’t support the methods used by the group.

When you think about the methods (which Kane describes as “combative”), you clearly have to wonder if this has anything to do with the recent committee set up by the NHL to make the sport more accessible, a committee to be headed by P.K. Subban and Anson Carter.

Because at the time of the announcement, the ADH was quite inflammatory in its response, claiming that the NHL was simply ignoring the work done by the Alliance since 2020.

I’m speculating here, but I get the impression that this is kind of what Kane wanted to denounce: the Oilers forward simply seems to want the sport to become more accessible and racism to disappear. And whether that’s done by the ADH or the NHL itself, it’s the result that counts in the end: there’s no point in starting a “war” between two groups who want the same thing.

It’s a shame for the ADH, which loses one of its two co-founders and an important voice within the group. That said, if Kane is at peace with his decision, it’s hard to blame him.

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