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Matvei Michkov’s compatriots come to his defense

Matvei Michkov’s name will continue to cause a stir until he plays his first game in the National League.

It’s a reality we have to accept.

Before the draft, it was said that he was probably the second-best player in the 2023 draft. But the general observation that he has an attitude problem may have scared off a few clubs, which is normal.

Basically, it’s hard to know how he really behaves, because NHL teams haven’t really had time to get to know him.

His compatriots, on the other hand, have always had good things to say about him, and it’s no different today.

Some of his former team-mates, his former coaches and even some of the players who played against him have “come to his defense”, reminding us that he is talented on the ice and has tremendous potential:


If all this proves to be true in a few years, the Flyers will be the lucky ones when Michkov enters the National League.

But until then… there’s not much point in justifying anything. The teams that have turned their noses up at him have done so for a particular reason, and we all agree that no one can change that.

On the other hand, his compatriots would have seemed a little crazy to “pitch” him under the bus, given that the youngster is already a star in Russia.

They all support each other, and that’s fine. But the fact that he’s talented on the ice has nothing to do with the fact that he might have an attitude problem, and therein lies the nuance.

In any case. I think, in all honesty, we’ve come full circle.

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– Hmmmm.

– Ah well.

– Love this.

– It’s not common, let’s put it that way.

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