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Erik Karlsson: Penguins still in the thick of things

I’ll tell you something: I’m a little surprised that teams are trying to get Erik Karlsson this summer instead of waiting until next summer. Why is that?

Because the guy’s making $11.5 million a year for four more years, and he’s finally having a good season (an extraordinary season, in fact) for the first time since he left Ottawa five years ago.

Let it be said: I’m one of those who believe the guy deserved the Norris for obvious reasons. I’ve never understood those who voted for someone else because of his defensive play. The guy did score 101 points, though.

But does that mean I’d go for EK65 at 50%, 60% or 70% of his salary? Not necessarily.

Am I the only one who would wait to see if his 2022-2023 season was a flash in the pan? Am I the only one waiting to see the salary cap rise considerably next summer?

Am I the only one who would wait for three years left on his contract, not four? After all, it seems to me that we have to be aware of the fact that his contract can (re)become a ball and chain pretty quickly.

But hey. Never mind, I’m not a GM in the NHL and I don’t make the decisions. And two of the NHL’s decision-makers (Kyle Dubas and Don Waddell, in Pittsburgh and Carolina) think otherwise.

After all, the two clubs are still at the heart of the matter, according to journalist Josh Yohe.

The Athletic’s reporter reports that the Penguins were really close to a deal with the Sharks on July 1, but it didn’t work out.

Did it involve Jeff Petry? Surely, yes.

And it looks like the Penguins are still very interested. So are the Hurricanes, but it looks like the file is moving faster in Pittsburgh than on the Raleigh side.

I can’t wait to see what happens, but the chances of Kyle Dubas making a splash are high. Karlsson could be the coup in question, obviously.

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