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Pierre-Luc Dubois moves to Los Angeles to enhance his reputation

Since his arrival in the NHL, Pierre-Luc Dubois has been linked to the Habs. We know that Marc Bergevin has often tried to get him (including at the 2016 draft), but it’s never worked out. In fact, it did… in L.A.

In fact, we know that the Quebecer wanted to play in Quebec, and every time his contract expired, he was linked to the Habs. And whether it was Marc Bergevin or Kent Hughes, the club tried.

In the end, it never worked out, but it did dictate his career. Ultimately, it had something to do with the fact that he was traded from Columbus to Winnipeg.

In both cases, he wanted to leave… but in the end, he never made the move to Montreal.

He didn’t do what Alex DeBrincat did, forcing the Sens to trade him back home. As a result, he now finds himself in Los Angeles, which makes him happy in spite of everything.

He’s living his best life in L.A. right now.

But even so, there’s something that bothers him. After all, right now, he’s got a reputation for being afraid of Montreal and asking for two deals in just a few years.

So he wants to clean up his reputation.

What the Quebecer wants to do is establish himself with the Kings to become the best field hockey player he can be, but also make sure he cleans up his reputation as a guy who always wants to leave.

Here he is in L.A. (a nicer city than Ohio or Manitoba, admittedly) with several goals in mind. With his big contract in hand, he knows what he has to do to spend eight great years there.

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