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Alex DeBrincat: Pierre Dorion seems a little bitter about the way he behaved
Credit: May 9, 2016; Ottawa, Ontario, CAN; Ottawa Senators general manager Pierre Dorion attends a press conference to introduce Guy Boucher as the new head coach of the Senators at the Canadian Tire Centre. Mandatory Credit: Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports
Alex DeBrincat was finally traded on Sunday evening. I say finally, because the matter was taking on enormous proportions in Ottawa.

After all, it was difficult for Pierre Dorion to find common ground with another NHL club. The forward had indeed submitted a list of teams he wanted to be traded to…

But the player apparently never looked beyond Detroit. It got to the point where every time Dorion had a deal in place with another club, it had to be aborted because DeBrincat simply refused to come to terms with that team on the terms of a contract extension.

The Sens GM admitted in an interview with Le Droit that he is satisfied with the return obtained for the player’s services… But he seems a little bitter about the way the American behaved in the process:

Detroit kept calling, and in the end, we were negotiating with just one team. When we thought we had an agreement with another team, he refused to sign there, which made life difficult for us… – Pierre Dorion

Dorion went on to maintain that he made the best choice for the organization, which says a lot about how he sees things:

It must have been getting pretty frustrating. DeBrincat, who has never been interested in signing a contract extension in Ottawa, had the better end of the stick.

He played his cards right, and now he’s back home in Detroit. DeBrincat wanted to play for the team he grew up with, and he pulled out all the stops to make it happen.

It’s easy to see the links between his case and that of Pierre-Luc Dubois. The difference… Is that if the Quebecer really wanted to play in Montreal, he’d probably be a member of the CH by now.

He too could have controlled his own destiny. In a nutshell.

Pierre Dorion truly believes he got the maximum in return for Alex DeBrincat. Because, even if there was an offer on the table more tempting than that of the Red Wings… It could practically be packed away immediately because the player had no intention of going anywhere but Detroit.

In the end, he got his hands on a good goal-scorer in Dominik Kubalik, a fine prospect in Donovan Sebrango and, above all, a first-round pick.

It’s a little hard to fault him under the circumstances.

In gusto

– Of note:

– It’s early… But hey.

– Whoa.

– He’ll face Novak Djokovic or Andrey Rublev in the next round.

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