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Jonathan Huberdeau: “I didn’t get 115 points by chance”.
Jonathan Huberdeau will have to find a way to bounce back after a particularly disappointing season in 2022-2023.

We know the broad strokes. The Quebecer collected just 55 points in his first year with the Flames, well below the expectations set in Calgary.

Especially in light of the fact that, a few weeks after the transaction, the Flames awarded him an eight-year contract valued at $10.5 million per season. A contract that begins at the start of the next campaign.

The Quebecer is well aware of this. He knows and admits that the last few months have been difficult for his morale, and that makes sense. After all, nothing seemed to work for him under Darryl Sutter… and that’s partly why he’s openly delighted to be leaving .

Things are different in Calgary today. The team has a new GM (Craig Conroy) and a new head coach (Ryan Huska), which could allow the player to get back on the ice.

In an interview with the Journal de Montréal, he reminded the field hockey world that he is one of the best players in the world, and that he just needs to regain his confidence:

When you play without confidence, you can just go off the rails. I didn’t lose my talent in one season. It’s not as if I don’t know how to play field hockey anymore […] I didn’t get 115 points by chance. – Jonathan Huberdeau

Let’s put it that way.

You can make comments like that when you’ve scored 115 points in the best field hockey league on earth in 2021-2022.

But now… Huberdeau had better start producing offensively again because he’s going to be hearing about it for a long time. After all, Flames fans are passionate about field hockey, and Calgary is a tough market.

At least, it’s more demanding than in Florida.

I admire confidence, though, and that’s the right mentality to have. If the Quebecer were to denigrate himself by thinking only of the failures he had last season, he’d never become the player he was in Florida.

Because let’s face it. Jonathan Huberdeau is a field hockey player through and through. Few players have such great vision and passing ability… And not only did he score 115 points in 2021-2022, he also finished the year with a total of 85 assists.

That’s a lot of points.

It will now be up to Ryan Huska, the team’s new coach, to find a role for him that will give him more freedom on the ice.

Paired with the right team-mates, and avoiding the musical chairs we often saw with Sutter last year, Huberdeau has all the skills he needs to regain the confidence he desires.

The ball is in his court.

In gusto

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