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Britney Spears punched in the face while trying to talk to NBA draft pick

For those of you who follow the NBA from near or far, you’ve almost certainly heard of Victor Wembanyama. The seven-foot-five, 19-year-old French player has just been drafted first overall in the NBA draft, and is being hailed as a generational player.

We’re talking about a giant with offensive assets the like of which has never been seen in the NBA for a player of his size: it’s never been seen in the history of the sport.

Wembanyama (a member of the San Antonio Spurs) is currently in Las Vegas for Summer League, a summer league organized by the NBA for top prospects. Of course, there are stars in town, including Britney Spears, who wanted to take the opportunity to talk to Wembanyama.

That said, the player’s security guard didn’t like her getting too close, so he punched her in the face.

Obviously, the singer didn’t appreciate being hit like that. The security team apologized on the spot, but she’d like a more public apology, either from Wembanyama or the Spurs organization.

At the same time, she may be a fan of the player, but perhaps this wasn’t the best way to make contact with him. The security guard may have overdone it, but he did his job, after all.

The Las Vegas police have confirmed that the man will not be charged with anything.

In short, a very special story in the NBA’s Summer League. Incidentally, Wembanyama will be in action for the first time tonight, when he takes on the Hornets and Brandon Miller, who was drafted immediately after him in the most recent NBA draft.


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