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Nick Bobrov: “David Reinbacher can play with any defender”.

David Reinbacher’s selection in the latest NHL draft has been the subject of much discussion over the past week.

And do you know what? That trend is unlikely to change in the weeks and months ahead. We’ll be keeping a close eye on his development, whether in Montreal, Laval or Europe.

It’s no well-kept secret around town. Fans would have liked to see the CH set its sights on a forward if the 2023 draft had been particularly focused on offensive talent.

But hey. The selection is made and no one can change it.

As far as CH management was concerned, Reinbacher had already been under scrutiny for some time. Nick Bobrov explained in an interview with Arpon Basu that every time a scout went to Europe last season, he was asked to head to Switzerland to observe the defenseman.

Clearly, Reinbacher had been on the club’s radar for several months.

The lack of depth on the right certainly played a part in his selection, but that’s not all either. Yes, the club “filled” a gap in its needs by drafting him. But there are elements of the youngster’s game that attracted team management, including his versatility.

Bobrov said out loud that we can expect to see Reinbacher playing with any CH defenseman in the future, since he’s capable of adapting to all kinds of situations:

If you look at our defensemen, he’d be great with just about anyone we have. He can play with Logan (Mailloux), he can play with Arber (Xhekaj), he can play with (Kaiden) Guhle. – Nick Bobrov

Defensemen who can play anywhere are attractive. As much for the team as for the players.

In fact, Bobrov maintains that Reinbacher’s ability to defend well, position himself well on the ice, attack well when the time comes and distribute the puck well make him an easy player to work with on the ice, and that makes sense in the end.

On defense, it’s nice when your teammate can make your job easier.

Kaiden Guhle explained on Chris Nilan’s podcast that the contribution of Joel Edmundson and David Savard, two guys he played with at times last year, helped him do his job more comfortably, since he wasn’t stressed about committing himself on the ice.

It’s too early to say whether the Habs made a mistake in selecting David Reinbacher, and it’s too early to say whether they made a good move too.

The only thing we can do right now is admire his development. It could take a year, it could take two years or it could take three years.

But if Nick Bobrov’s comments and those of the Montreal Canadiens’ management are anything to go by…

The club has a beautiful jewel on its hands. Now it’s up to them to do everything in their power to maximize the young man’s progress.

In gusto

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– Now confirmed.

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