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An emotional David Reinbacher signs his entry contract
Yesterday morning, David Reinbacher signed his entry-level contract with the Montreal Canadiens. The young defenseman is now part of the Canadiens family for the rest of his career.

Although he could play in Europe in the short term, the fact remains that, in the long term, he sees himself in Montreal. He likes the city and the fans… most of whom don’t boo the young man.

The development camp also led us to believe that, one day, he could form an interesting pair with Lane Hutson. Let’s just say that’s reassuring for some fans.

But what I also remember about Reinbacher’s contract signing was the emotion he felt as he put ink to paper to become a member of the Habs.

Of course, we know that signing a contract is an emotional moment for a young player like him. It is, after all, the culmination of several years’ work.

So it’s touching to see him so emotional with his family on the line.

It also shows that he’s happy to be in Montreal. He more or less had a choice in signing here, you might say, but it’s clear that the past week has helped forge a bond between the young defender and the city of Montreal.

And I think they both needed it.

If he develops well over the course of the contract, the Habs will have the defense they obviously aspire to have, and Reinbacher will have the chance to sign an even bigger contract in 2026 – or 2027, if he plays a bit in Europe this year.

It’s up to him to make sure he earns it.

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