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Dominique Ducharme plans to be behind a bench this fall

Since Martin St-Louis took Dominique Ducharme’s place behind the Habs bench, the latter has found himself far from a field hockey bench. Yes, he has mandates here and there, but he doesn’t have his own club.

Is it a lack of opportunity? I’d say it’s the lack of the right opportunity. After all, I’m sure he could take charge of a QMJHL team, but he doesn’t want to.

And that’s fair enough. He’s already given.

All this to say that the former Habs coach hasn’t found a job yet, but that the situation could change in the next few days. After all, the man himself confirmed on the radio that we should expect to see him behind the bench in the fall.

It’s important to remember that even if Dominique Ducharme is paid by the Habs ($1.7M per year) for one more year, a field hockey man wants to work in field hockey.

What’s more, he probably doesn’t want to be forgotten by taking too big a break. It’s only natural.

These are good reasons to jump at an opportunity when he sees one. And in light of his comments, it’s clear that the phone is currently ringing with some good opportunities for him.

Is it in North America? Europe? To be seen.

Ducharme is also happy to see that Jonathan Drouin will be able to play with Nathan MacKinnon again. The two played together in Halifax under Ducharme.

The former CH pilot hopes that Drouin will be able to flourish in Denver.

In gusto

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