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Alain Vigneault’s career behind the bench is officially over
Montreal Canadiens. Vancouver Canucks. New York Rangers. Philadelphia Flyers.

Alain Vigneault, during his NHL career behind the bench, managed the teams I’ve just listed. In 19 seasons in the big league, the Quebecer was never able to win the Stanley Cup…

But he can boast of having coached a total of 1,363 games in the Bettman circuit, a feat that places him 15th in the league’s coaching history. And now, after all that time, he’s putting an end to his career.

I think it’s time to enjoy life. I’ve had a great career. Field hockey has been good for me and my family. At some point, you have to have a little fun, and that’s where I’m at in my life. – Alain Vigneault

Vigneault celebrated his 62nd birthday last May. He wants to move on, and his retirement is richly deserved.

Alain Vigneault was fired by the Flyers in December 2021.

His team had started the season poorly with an 8-10-4 record, but it was mainly because they had just lost eight consecutive games that management decided to act.

Michel Therrien, who was acting as Vigneault’s assistant, had also been let go.

But then again. Did the firing of several coaches prompt him to think about returning to the bench of an NHL team in recent weeks?

Not really, no. He claims to have told those around him that his job in Philly would be the last of his career, and now it’s confirmed.

In the end, Alain Vigneault can boast of having been one of the most seasoned coaches in the history of the league. And that’s a credit to him.

We don’t know each other, but I’d like to wish you a happy retirement, Alain!


– Interesting stuff.

– This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this.

– He’s had a superb career.

– Well done. He’s very well known within the organization and among fans.

– No surprise there.

– Finally, some would say.

– The Sparrows lost 17-3 to Winnipeg last Saturday.

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