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David Reinbacher has signed his entry-level contract with the Canadiens

Over the past week, there’s been a lot of talk in Montreal about David Reinbacher. Drafted fifth overall in the 2023 amateur auction by the CH last Wednesday night, the young defenseman took part in the team’s development camp in the last few days, where he showed great chemistry with Lane Hutson.

If these two already connect and reach their full potential, they’ll form quite a defense pair in Montreal.

Now, as the development camp draws to a close, the Habs have made sure Reinbacher doesn’t leave empty-handed: according to La Poche Bleue, the youngster has initialed his entry-level contract (for three years, as stipulated in the collective agreement) with the Tricolore.

Like Juraj Slafkovsk√Ĺ last year, then, the CH would be sure to have a pact with its first draft pick before the end of development camp. In any case, the terms of the entry-level contract are almost all set out in the collective agreement, so we’re not talking big negotiations.

And since Reinbacher isn’t an NCAA guy, signing him is a pretty easy decision. Remember that for guys on the American circuit, a professional contract ends their NCAA eligibility.

Getting back to the young man, you can tell he’s starting to appreciate Montreal. Even if the reaction of fans has been rather mixed, Reinbacher admitted that he “feels at home here” and that he hopes to play in Montreal as soon as possible.

And clearly, he wants to put all the chances on his side. You can tell he’s dedicated to working towards his full potential, and he’s noted that he plans to return to Montreal a little earlier than expected at the end of the summer.

His plan is to train with the team guys, who will also be in town and at the team facilities.

I really like the attitude of the youngster so far, who hasn’t let the negative comments about him get him down and seems genuinely delighted and motivated by the challenge that awaits him in the Montreal organization.

I still think that spending another year in Europe would be a good thing for his development, even if it means bringing him to Laval at the end of his season overseas. It might even fit in with Lane Hutson’s schedule, who could join the Rocket after his NCAA season. It would be a good way to match them up as quickly as possible.

In short, a good deal for the CH, but also for Reinbacher, who would have officially signed his first NHL contract. We hope he enjoys his few weeks of vacation before the start of the rookie camp (and even before his return to Montreal, which is scheduled before the start of this camp).


Remember that an entry-level contract would not change Reinbacher’s options for the 2023-24 season. It wouldn’t eliminate the possibility of a return to Switzerland, for example.

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