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Anthony Richard could have stayed in Montreal, but chose to go to Boston

It’s been a few days since the Canadiens saw Anthony Richard take advantage of his autonomy to sign a contract with the Boston Bruins.

Obviously, seeing a Quebecer who used to play here make his way to Boston can be painful. After all, we had him in the organization and he performed well when he had his chances in Montreal. And in Laval, he was a machine.

Criticism becomes even more bitter when you realize that Lias Andersson has been brought to town. Many people make the connection between the latter’s arrival and the former’s departure.

But the important thing to know (and remember when talking about free agents) is that Richard was free to sign a new contract with his former agent Kent Hughes.

And he chose not to.

As he himself recounted on 98.5 FM, the Habs had negotiated with him during the season, but he knew full well that young players were growing in Montreal. He therefore believed that his best chance of making the NHL was in Boston.

It’s true that the club will need players who will make the club on the cheap. And he can bring an element of talent that few players in his salary range can.

He’s an asset for the Bruins.

Of course, it could be argued that the Habs didn’t do enough during the season to keep him (by calling him up infrequently), but salary-wise, they obviously did what they had to do.

So it’s not that the CH let him go, it’s that he left. #Nuance

Of course, now he’s in an organization that’s going to fight for the Stanley Cup. The squad may not be as imposing as it was in the 2023 playoffs, but the Bruins have a nice club nonetheless.

It remains to be seen whether the captain will be back, but it’s safe to assume that he won’t at this point.

In gusto

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