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Juraj Slafkovsky uses technology to improve his breathing rate

In his first NHL season, Juraj Slafkovsky wasn’t perfect. Of course, no one was asking him to be perfect by 2022, let’s face it.

But by playing in the NHL, he saw what he had to work on.

After all, we’ve been saying it all year, but it’s impossible to gain NHL experience without playing in the league… and that’s what the young man did for 39 games.

All this to say that he knows he has to work, and he does. This summer, in Slovakia, the forward was seen using the techniques of a certain Michal Bretenar, who specializes in changing the rhythm of breathing. He corrects bad breathing habits.

The aim of the game? Clearly to enable him to be more optimal on the ice thanks to his breath.

It’s clear that a young player like him needs to improve in this area. I didn’t notice any problems in this area last year, but a boost is always a good thing.

But that’s not the only aspect he’s working on.

As you know, Slaf is a talented player, but he doesn’t always make the right decisions when he’s on the ice and in possession of the puck.

For example? When he doesn’t keep his head up with the puck.

That’s also why we’re pleased to see that he uses special glasses that can improve his focus, timing, balance and speed.

I don’t know if this will yield concrete results in his case. Will we see a revised version of the Slovak on the ice in October? Who knows.

But he’s putting the odds in his favor, at least.

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