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Jonathan Drouin “would never tell a Quebecer to avoid Montreal”.
Credit: Screenshot : Twitter
Last Saturday, Jonathan Drouin left the Canadiens organization after six years in town. The Quebecer, who was an independent player, has decided to join the Avalanche, where he will be reunited with his former junior teammate Nathan MacKinnon.

I don’t know if they’ll play on the same trio, but I imagine we’ll give them chances to play together.

That said, even if Drouin’s time in the city has been tumultuous at times, that doesn’t mean he’s hated it. At his introductory press briefing with the Avalanche, the forward admitted that he’s had some great times in the city, and that even after six years, playing at the Bell Centre still gives him a thrill.

He even went so far as to say that he would “never tell a Quebecer not to come and play in Montreal”.

Again, he may put on a little show, but it’s nice to see that despite all the challenges he’s faced in Montreal, he doesn’t hesitate to give the Habs some love in a public way. Things haven’t always been rosy for him, but you get the impression that he really enjoyed the chance to don the CH uniform.

That said, Drouin is well aware that a fresh start could be good for him. At a press conference, he acknowledged that there have been ups and downs in Montreal, but that he is thrilled by the idea of relaunching his career in Colorado.

And as you’d expect, he’s been chatting frequently with Nathan MacKinnon in recent weeks.

I sincerely hope for Drouin’s success in Colorado. He was always a good guy during his time in Montreal, and while it may not have worked out the way he would have liked, he still gave a lot to the organization.

I can’t wait to see him in an Avalanche uniform, personally.

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