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Erik Karlsson file: Hurricanes and Penguins neck and neck
Credit: Trading a guy like Erik Karlsson at his peak pays dividends.
Erik Karlsson, the most recent Norris Trophy winner, has been the subject of a great deal of attention in recent weeks, if not months.

The San Jose Sharks defenseman has been the subject of trade rumors for quite some time now, and we know he wants to leave San Jose to join a Stanley Cup contender.

He wants to win.

The problem with Karlsson is his very heavy contract, which is very difficult to trade.

At age 33, Karlsson is still pocketing $11.5 million a year for four more seasons.

Naturally, the Sharks aren’t too keen on withholding 50% of his salary.

However, some salary withholding may be the only way to successfully trade number 65.

It now appears that two teams are neck-and-neck to acquire Karlsson.

They are the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Carolina Hurricanes.

The Seattle Kraken also remains one to watch.

Both teams are very interested in acquiring the Sharks’ offensive defenseman, who is coming off an incredible 101-point season.

According to Pierre LeBrun, the next few hours will be very important in this matter.

As for the Hurricanes, despite yesterday’s signing of Dmitri Orlov, they’re still totally in the running, and have the leeway to do so.

With only $2 million available under the cap, some salary will clearly have to go to San Jose, and the Sharks will surely have to retain close to 50%.

The Hurricanes really want to reunite Erik Karlsson with Brent Burns, and it looks like it.

Not the most defensive duo, let’s say.

The Penguins are also keen to acquire Karlsson.

The problem is, they’re already $2 million over the cap.

So a trade for Karlsson would certainly send a lot of salary to San Jose in return.

Part of that salary would certainly be former Montreal Canadien Jeff Petry.

This would be a strong acquisition for the Penguins, but is it really necessary?

The Penguins are on a downward slope and didn’t make the playoffs last season.

In short, the Erik Karlsson file will be closely monitored in the coming hours.

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