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Rocket: making room for young people
Philippe Maillet and Brady Keeper: the two Canadiens signings of the day.

Actually, I say “with the Habs”, but we all know that it’s the Laval Rocket coaches who will benefit first and foremost from these guys’ talent on the ice.

We’ll have to see if they’ll be able to replace the guys who’ve left, because in fact, some of the most important players of recent years have packed up in the last few days.

Alex Belzile, Anthony Richard, Joël Teasdale, Pierick Dubé and Corey Schueneman, to name but a few, are now elsewhere.

Anthony Marcotte has said it all: the Rocket will look very different next year. Many veterans will be moving on, which will really leave room for the youngsters.

Will Maillet and Keeper compensate? Will Rocket-bound Daniel Walcott come to town?

In actual fact, it’s clear that management’s plan is to give the club to the youngsters. Logan Mailloux, Riley Kidney and Joshua Roy, all products of the 2021 draft, will be arriving in Laval.

Of course, management knows that veterans are needed. We’ve no doubt that a number of pro field hockey regulars will be arriving at the end of the orange line to help the youngsters.

Maybe they’ll even be guys currently with the CH, given the surplus. #RemPitlick #MichaelPezzetta #ChrisWideman

Over the next few days, we’ll see if any changes are made to the lineup. We have to think so, because otherwise, the youngsters won’t necessarily be put in a position to succeed. They need to play, but they also need coaching.

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