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Potential signings for Laval: Daniel Walcott in CH’s sights
On the opening day of the free-agent market, excitement is running high for many NHL fans who want to see their team get their hands on some good players.

On the Montreal Canadiens’ side, however, don’t expect much action.

Indeed, if you’re expecting the CH to steal the show on the free agent market, well, you’re likely to be disappointed.

But that doesn’t mean Kent Hughes and his team will be sleeping on the gas.

We should see a few deep signings for the CH’s club-école, the Laval Rocket.

Why shouldn’t we expect any signings for Montreal?

Well, because there are already far too many players fighting for a spot with the big club.

Getting back to Laval, there are currently a few players on the market who could be of interest to the Tricolore.

One of these is Quebec forward Daniel Walcott.

In fact, according to Rocket game describer Anthony Marcotte, the CH would love to sign the 29-year-old forward for their club-school.

Long story short, Walcott is a Quebec left winger drafted in the fifth round (140th overall) in 2014 by the New York Rangers.

However, Walcott played just one game with the Rangers’ club-school, the Hartford Wolf Pack, before joining the Syracuse Crunch, club-school of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Walcott has been with the Crunch in the AHL since the 2015-2016 season.

He’s made a name for himself as a tough-as-nails pest, racking up nearly 500 penalty minutes (482 to be precise) in eight seasons with the Crunch.

If Anthony Marcotte is to be believed, he’s becoming a particular nuisance against the Laval Rocket, the CH’s training club.

In short, he’d be a great signing for the Laval Rocket, who will never be short of players like Walcott to defend the organization’s top prospects.

Walcott wouldn’t be the only player who could be signed as a reinforcement for the Rocket.

Indeed, we can expect to see the CH sign a right-handed defenseman for the club-school.

The two names brought forward by Marc-Antoine Godin are Connor Carrick and Dylan McIlarth.

Carrick, 29, has been rolling between the NHL and the AHL since the start of his career. He has 242 games of NHL experience, and could be a nice addition to the organization’s depth.

McIlarth, 31, is more of an AHL defenseman with only 72 career NHL games.

He would definitely be a signing for the Rocket.

In short, we can expect some action today from the CH, but small-scale action, given that these will be more additions for the Laval Rocket.

Finally, there’s news about Anthony Richard.

He has reportedly received a two-part contract offer from the CH, whereas Richard would like a one-part contract.

The Quebecer will explore the free-agent market today, but he hasn’t ruled out a return to Montreal/Laval.

In Burst

– Very cool.

– Great signing in Detroit.

– New Jersey will be looking for a goaltender on the free-agent market.

– To be continued on the Bruins’ side.

– The Senators will try to add a goalie to their roster.

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