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The Penguins have not submitted a qualifying offer to Ryan Poehling
The free agent market is fast approaching, and today is the deadline for each team to send out its list of qualifying offers to restricted free agents.

The final lists go out quietly this evening, and the Pittsburgh Penguins’ list has just been announced.

Among the players who did not receive a qualifying offer is former Montreal Canadiens player Ryan Poehling.

Poehling, who was acquired by the Pens along with Jeff Petry in the trade that sent Mike Matheson to Montreal, will be free as a bird this Saturday.

It’s also worth remembering that Jeff Petry was put on display by Pittsburgh this week.

By losing Poehling and looking for a trade for Petry, it’s easy to conclude that Montreal won this transaction all round.

Matheson had a very good season and showed great interest in playing in Montreal. In addition to commanding a lower salary, the Quebecer’s impact was greater than Petry’s in Pittsburgh in 2022-2023.

Matheson averaged 0.71 points per game last year, while Petry offered just 0.51 points per game.

Obviously, these are two offensive-minded defensemen and not the type teams would trust defensively. However, Matheson wasn’t terrible in that department either.

You can see the Penguins’ complete list of qualified and unqualified players right here.

Poehling commanded a salary of $750,000 this season and collected 14 points in 56 games under Michael Sullivan behind the bench.

He averaged 11 minutes and 46 seconds per game this year.

He could find work elsewhere in the league on a low-paying contract. If not, teams should be interested in his services if he’s willing to accept a two-part contract.

We could get an answer as early as tomorrow, when the free-agent market opens at noon Eastern time.

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