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Fans’ passion could scare off players who want to settle in Montreal

In Montreal, passion has always been a quality (sometimes a flaw) that represents fans well. Whether it’s field hockey, baseball (in the days of the Expos), soccer or Canadian soccer, Montreal fans are always considered the most passionate.

As I mentioned, sometimes this quality can become a flaw.

When David Reinbacher was selected, many CH fans in Nashville booed the player. And that’s a shame for the youngster. He was simply happy to be selected by the CH, but to see the fans unhappy with his selection is enough to make him feel… unappreciated or unwelcome in the metropolis.

I hope he’s aware that the mood of the few dozen Montreal fans in Nashville doesn’t represent the mood of ALL fans around the world.

For my part, I was one of those who wanted to select Matvei Michkov, but I like Reinbacher’s selection. The Austrian is a very good defensive defenseman, and to win championships, you need defensemen like that. Imagine the top-4 blue-liners of the future: Kaiden Guhle, David Reinbacher, Logan Mailloux and Lane Hutson…

Getting back to fan behavior, this may be one of the aspects that could scare off players considering coming to Montreal.

In fact, this is one of the aspects that weighed in Pierre-Luc Dubois’ decision.

So I ask myself this question: if this criterion was important for a homegrown player, who has never hidden his desire to play in Montreal, how important is it for a player from elsewhere? It’s no secret that most players want to play in a field hockey market with passionate fans. Are we in Montreal too passionate? So passionate that players would refuse to move here?

I hope not, but…

As mentioned in Apron Basu’s piece, this is the first time that the duo of Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes have been confronted with so much discontent from the partisan base. Remember that booing was heard last year when Gary Bettman announced the deal to send Alexander Romanov to Long Island, but that the discontent quickly died down after the announcement of the deal to bring a certain Kirby Dach to town.

In fact, Hughes was the first to smile (in relief) when he heard the cheers of the fans on hand. Because Romy was much loved in Montreal.

Basu spoke with a member of the Montreal staff, who indicated that the organization is doing everything possible to make Montreal a destination of choice for free agents. He added, however, that this situation isn’t helping at all.

The fact remains that many teams in the league would like to have fans like those of the CH. But having passionate fans isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Just ask the Leafs and Yankees of this world…

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