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PRIMEUR: Carey Price now works for the Habs’ management team

If there’s one polarizing face around the Habs, it’s Carey Price. The former NHL star goalie, who will no longer be playing due to his health, is often the talk of the town.

Whether it’s his state of health, his presence at a given venue or his actions, he’s the talk of the town.

He’s been in the news for the good when he’s been involved in the Quebec community over the years, or for his performances on the ice, but he also has his darker moments.

Of the lot? When off-ice stories surface.

But in general, he’s a man who’s (publicly) well-liked in the Habs dressing room. He also comes with an aura, which seems to explain why he got such a big contract from Marc Bergevin.

He may not have won the Stanley Cup, but Marc Bergevin held him in high esteem. Angela Price even expressed her disappointment when the GM lost his job in 2021.

On paper, however, Price has a different relationship with the new administration. After all, he only played five games under Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes… and otherwise monopolizes the long-term injured list.

So she must see him in a different light, which isn’t abnormal.

Price will remain on the organization’s long-term injury list for another three years, until 2026. At that point, he can make his retirement as a player official, if he so chooses.

But that doesn’t mean he won’t be doing anything until then.

According to reliable sources, Carey Price is now working with Habs management. He plays the role of special advisor, much like Vincent Lecavalier did when he first arrived in town.

So he’s not just assigned to goalkeeping or anything like that. He gets assignments from management.

In fact, it’s reminiscent of what Shea Weber was doing with Marc Bergevin in the months leading up to the GM’s departure. Let’s not forget that he was reportedly scouting.

But in both cases, don’t expect to see Weber (now in Arizona) and Price jumping on the ice with the guys too often. After all, officially, both are too injured to play.

Let’s remember that Carey Price sold his Montreal-area home to head west with his family. The man who was present at the NHL draft(David Reinbacher will remember him) will, however, get a pied-à-terre in Montreal. That’s what his wife said recently.

I wonder how often he’ll be in Montreal next? After all, there are surely things he can do from a distance.


Let’s not forget that, according to Élizabeth Rancourt, the goaltender doesn’t like field hockey, but that he has kept on breaking through, not least so as not to waste his enormous talent.

One wonders, then, if he’s been told that at the salary he’s costing Geoff Molson, he has to give a little back to the club? Or is the host wrong in her assertion? The question arises.

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