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Jacob Fowler: it’s clear he’s happy to be in Montreal

After weeks and weeks of waiting, the 2023 draft is finally complete and behind us. I must confess that I’m not the biggest fan of the Canadian draft, as I wrote earlier this afternoon in a lengthy analysis.

That said, if there’s one pick I like a little more than the others, it’s Jacob Fowler. We knew the CH was going to be looking for a goalie, and clearly, they got a guy with a very interesting profile.

He hasn’t had a taste of the NCAA yet (he will at Boston College this year), but he’s been very solid in the USHL and his progression is interesting.

But beyond his potential on the ice, I’m also a big fan of the kid‘s attitude. He seems to be quite friendly, and above all, he seems to particularly like Montreal, having visited the city time and time again. He has family in the city, even though he was born in Florida.

Nevertheless, the reality of being a CH player in Montreal (and, more importantly, a goalie) comes with a huge dose of pressure. It’s not as bad these days considering the rebuilding context, but you have to be tough to endure a city that eats so much of its field hockey.

The good news, however, is that the pressure doesn’t scare Fowler in the least, and he loves having the spotlight on him. In Fowler’s eyes, pressure isn’t negative: it’s nothing less than a privilege.

I’m well aware that the game is played on the ice, but the kid’s got a great personality and an infectious smile. If you need convincing, take a few minutes to watch him talk to the media: he really reminds me of a young Cole Caufield at this level.

In addition to Fowler, the Tricolore also drafted Quentin Miller and Yevgeni Volohkin as prospects in net this afternoon. We’re talking about two other interesting young goalies, but of the lot, Fowler is probably my favorite.

I didn’t see the goaltending position as a pressing need in Montreal as much as many people did, but I’m happy to have Fowler, especially since he really does seem like the perfect guy for the Montreal market.

I don’t know what the future holds for him, but I can’t wait to see how Fowler progresses over the next few years. We know how volatile the development of goaltenders can be, but I see in Fowler a guy who has all the resources to become a future #1 goaltender in Montreal.

And if he ever does, I’m sure he’ll quickly become a crowd favorite.

In gusto

– The 37th pick (which originally belonged to the CH) allowed them to select him.

– A name to keep an eye on.

– Obviously.

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