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Canada lands Russian Bogdan Konyushkov
The Canadiens had three picks in the fourth round of the NHL Entry Draft.

It started by selecting Florian Xhekaj, Arber’s younger brother, a pick that will be popular with the team’s fans.

With his second pick in the fourth round…

Kent Hughes and his group decided to turn to the KHL to draft Bogdan Konyushkov.

So the Habs weren’t afraid of drafting in Russia… They were afraid of drafting Matvei Michkov.

Hockey-wise, this is a particularly interesting pick for the CH.

Konyushkov is a 20-year-old right-handed defenseman. He had a fine season last year in the KHL, registering 25 points in 64 games. A relatively intriguing production for a defenseman his age in one of the best field hockey leagues on the planet.

Konyushkov also finished in the top-3 for KHL Rookie of the Year. Again, interesting.

The youngster was in his third year of draft eligibility. He was passed over in 2021 and 2022…

And now he has the opportunity to live every little ass’s dream by being selected by an NHL team.

What’s the plan next? That’s the question.

After all, Bogdan Konyushkov is Russian and we all know the geopolitical situation in Russia.

More details to come…

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