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Leo Carlsson: many see him being drafted by the Ducks at No. 2

Less than an hour remains before the first round of the draft begins. We know that Connor Bedard will (barring a monstrous surprise) be the first pick of the auction, but after that, we’re in uncharted waters.

For a while now, Adam Fantilli has seemed the favorite to go second, but since the start of the day, things have been hotting up at this level. Matvei Michkov’s name is starting to float around out there, and we wonder if Pat Verbeek isn’t planning a coup.

What’s really interesting, though, is that there’s a new rumor floating around the floor in Nashville right now. According to Steven Ellis, there are plenty of people in Nashville right now who don’t see either Fantilli or Michkov going out at No. 2.

Because right now, it’s Leo Carlsson’s name that seems to be coming up more and more.

When we say that the draft will really start at No. 2, this is further proof. With the exception of Bedard at number one, we’re really in uncharted waters after that, when even the identity of the second pick seems rather unclear.

For a long time, we thought Fantilli was the clear favourite, but it’s clearly not set in stone.

Personally, I still think that Fantilli will follow Bedard in the draft order. He had a huge season in the NCAA and is, in my eyes, the second-best prospect of the auction. Michkov isn’t far behind, but Fantilli buys you a little less trouble for similar talent (and, more importantly, a center).

That said, Leo Carlsson is also an excellent prospect, and I can’t wait to see if the Ducks end up turning to him.

Because obviously, that’s what’s going on right now.

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