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Draft: the Canadian has only one say among the top 68
The Canadiens are rebuilding. And normally, clubs that try to rebuild do so via the draft. This is one of the ways identified by the new administration.

That said, you know as well as I do that Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton sometimes think differently. If the club can find a different way of doing things, it will.

And since the draft is an inexact science, the Habs have a lot of picks this year and not every guy is going to break through (or even sign an NHL contract), using some resources to go after players who fit the plan is a good idea.

That’s why, yesterday, the Habs moved two draft picks for Alex Newhook, a former Kent Hughes client who won the Stanley Cup in Colorado.

Because yes, the youngster fits in with what the CH is trying to do. He’s not a veteran coming to town, you know.

All that to say, the Habs gave Gianni Fairbrother and two good draft picks to get their hands on the young man, who can play center. Note that the Habs have several centers, but I’d rather have more than not enough.

For agreeing to give away auction picks #31 and #37, Kent Hughes really feels the youngster is worth it. After all, they’re good picks.

No, the success rate with these picks isn’t always high, but the fact remains that the CH may have just traded Logan Mailloux and/or Owen Beck and/or Lane Hutson for Newhook.

But that’s part of the risks of the job.

That said, as I said, Kent Hughes has often talked about the draft as a way to rebuild his club. But even though he has nine rights to speak this year, only one is in the top-68.

Remember when we thought the Panthers’ pick would yield another top-10 pick? Well, the situation has changed.

Obviously, the CH’s top-68 pick is the fifth overall. Not only is it an excellent pick, but everyone agrees that it’s a pivotal one in the draft.

After all, the CH pick will change the rest of the draft.

Of course, we don’t know if the Habs will draft fifth tonight. Several rumours suggest that the Habs could move up or down, depending on need.

What this means, in the end, is that the Habs will draft pretty high (if nothing changes…), but after that, we’ll have to wait until the third round to see the CH speak. We can forget, presumably, about Ethan Gauthier in Montreal.

We can also forget about Filip Mesar 2.0 with a late first-round pick.

I wonder what Kent Hughes has in store for us tonight. Will he be able to pull another Kirby Dach or Alex Newhook rabbit out of his hat to turn a pick into an established young player? Will he pay to move up? Get paid to go down?

It’s all on the table. Have a great draft day, guys.

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