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Pierre-Luc Dubois chose “the team that wanted him most”.
The Pierre-Luc Dubois saga is over. The former Jets and Blue Jackets star is now a member of the Los Angeles Kings for the next eight seasons. He will earn $68 million.

It puts an end to years of speculation linking him to the CH.

Whether at the 2016 draft or every time he became a free agent, Dubois wanted to come to Montreal. Last year, it could hardly have been clearer, since Pat Brisson said so on air.

But even so, he’s out of Montreal. Expect booing at the Bell Centre.

Dubois may have been a future restricted free agent, but he still had his fate in his own hands. After all, if he really wanted to be in Montreal, he could have made arrangements to do so.

There were several ways he could have done it. He could have told the Jets that, as far as he was concerned, only the Canadiens could sign him long-term. Alternatively, he could have waited until 2024, when he became completely autonomous.

But in the end, he chose to sign a contract that would keep him in Los Angeles for a long time .

Is it all his fault? It’s hard to say yes. After all, the Habs knew he was going to sign for the long term, and they didn’t buy him. But I refuse to throw the first stone at Kent Hughes on this one, because he respected his limits.

But the fact remains that Dubois ended up with the team he felt wanted him most. That’s what he said at a press conference today in connection with his new contract.

Obviously, that’s his point of view. But why? Because he probably hasn’t spoken to the Habs recently.

Remember that the Jets didn’t give the Kings the right to talk to the player until the last few days. So he certainly hasn’t had the right to talk to the Habs since the moment he signed with the Jets last summer.

So he’s relying on what he’s seen from the Canadiens’ offers, a club that made him fearful in some respects, to make such comments.

During his press conference, the Quebecer also mentioned that he never tried to create controversy by taking photos with Habs players, especially at the Grand Prix.

We agree that it’s normal. The guy has the right to enjoy his summer.

Joining a team with Stanley Cup aspirations was also a factor in his team selection.

And while I don’t think raining down big contracts is necessarily the answer, I have to admit I respect that.


– Finally, let’s add that the new member of the Kings said that all the rumours had been difficult for his family. The man with a Quebec family and an American girlfriend has indeed often been mentioned. Now everyone can move on.

– I imagine the player spoke to Phillip Danault, who also chose the Kings over the Montreal Canadiens. That would make sense, at the very least.

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