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NHL Draft: One team was tactless with David Reinbacher

A few years ago, I went on a job interview and was asked a really weird question: “Do you know a law by heart?”

Tact to tact, I replied that I knew the Highway Code quite well. After apologizing, my interrogator revealed that he had phrased his question incorrectly. He wanted to know how comfortable I was with the Freedom of Information Act.

Let’s just say it was a long way off the mark, but at least it allowed me to demonstrate a certain alertness. I got the job, by the way.

Fortunately, I avoided the famous “What’s your worst flaw?

If you’ve ever been interviewed for a job, you may have faced this kind of uninspired question. When I hear questions like that, I think it says more about the organization than it does about me.

In recent years, the Habs have had a reputation for presenting the toughest interviews when it comes to evaluating young prospects available at the draft.
Here are a few examples, as reported by some of the youngsters:

“If there’s a 50-foot python outside the door that hasn’t eaten in five months and you form a group, who goes first and what do you do?”

Or these :

Just so you know, there seems to be a new king of strange questions in the NHL. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you who it is… oh how I wish I knew who it was!

In an interview with TSN, David Reinbacher, perceived by many as the best defensive prospect in the game, was asked a rather questionable question: “You’re the captain of a ship in World War II, you’ve been ordered to bomb a ship in front of you, but there are members of your crew swimming around right now. What do you do?”

The young man recounts that he would refuse to follow orders to protect his crewmates, and that it was a very tense situation and not the best subject to discuss.

It’s a hypothetical question, we agree, but whoever asked Reinbacher was clearly tactless. But why? Simply because Reinbacher is Austrian and need we remind you that Austria was the first country invaded by Adolf Hitler and the German troops.

Of all the possible questions and hypothetical moral dilemmas, was it really necessary to draw on a major historical event that forever affected the history of the boy’s country?

Whatever Reinbacher’s answer, for me it says a lot more about the interviewer than the interviewee.

The good news for our favorite team is that the next question in the TSN text shows that it wasn’t someone from the Habs who was so tactless. The right-handed defenseman indicates that the discussion was cordial and that the questions were normal.

In gusto

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