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Daniel Brière and Flyers strongly consider drafting Michkov at #7

There are only five days left (including today’s Saturday) to wait before we can finally watch the National Hockey League draft.

Field hockey fans have been waiting a long time for this event, and with good reason.

In fact, there’s even more enthusiasm for the draft than in recent years.

And why is that?

Well, because this class of 2023 is seen as one of the best crop of prospects in years.

Even after generational talent Connor Bedard, there are plenty of prospects who are seen as potential future NHL stars.

This makes first-round selections all the more interesting, because NHL teams had better not make a mistake.

The last thing you want to do is pass up a potential superstar in the making.

Still, there are some (if not many) teams willing to overlook Russian prospect Matvei Michkov, who is considered the second-best prospect of this year’s crop.

We already know the thousand and one reasons why Michkov is a potential big risk, but even so, some teams are willing to take the risk.

One such team is the Philadelphia Flyers.

According to Anthony Di Marco of The Fourth Period, the Flyers are strongly considering drafting Matvei Michkov with the 7th pick, if the Russian is still available.

In fact, team general manager Daniel Brière and his team are scheduled to meet Michkov next week before the draft begins.

This will also be the case for several other teams.

This would mean that Michkov is ready to meet with the Flyers, and that they represent a destination of interest for the young Russian.

If Michkov hasn’t refused to talk to the Flyers, it’s because he has a real interest in playing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

If there’s a mutual interest between the two parties, the Flyers will be all the more interested in taking the risk of drafting Michkov at No. 7.

In short, the various meetings Michkov will have with NHL teams should really give us a better idea of what’s going to happen on June 28.

By the way, I’m just asking, but if Michkov is a risk that Daniel Brière and the Flyers are willing to take at No. 7, why wouldn’t he also be a risk for Kent Hughes the Montreal Canadiens at No. 5?

I can’t wait to find out who the Russian star will be drafted by, and especially at what rank. He could very well be drafted 2nd, just as he could be drafted 10th.

En Rafale

– I still get chills.

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– Great win for the Alouettes.

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