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Ryan Leonard: his Matthew Tkachuk style of play could help him get out fast
Like last year, the Montreal Canadiens will have the chance to select a top prospect at the draft. On July 7, 2022, the CH set its sights on Juraj Slafkovsky with the very first pick of the auction, and this year, the club holds the fifth pick overall.

What keeps fans excited is the fact that, right now, we have no idea where the organization is going with its decisions. The possibilities are endless, while there has been talk of Kent Hughes moving up, down, staying at No. 5…

And even if he decides to keep his pick, we don’t really know what to expect.

Obviously, the CH will have a choice to make after seeing the players drafted in the top-4. I still believe that if Will Smith is available when the CH reaches the podium, he’ll be the logical choice around the organization’s table.

But if he isn’t and Matvei Michkov is still on the board, it’s going to get particularly interesting, because we don’t expect to see the Russian arrive in Montreal.

Zach Benson, David Reinbacher, Ryan Leonard and Dalibor Dvorsky, four names we hear a lot if the CH can’t get its hands on Will Smith.

On this subject, Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek were keen to point out that the organization likes Leonard because of his style of play, which resembles that of Matthew Tkachuk.

Marek wonders if this could help him get out sooner than expected, which makes sense.

It makes sense, because Matthew Tkachuk has just shown everyone that his style can greatly help an NHL team on the ice.

The last playoffs are still fresh in the memories of the various NHL GMs… And it’s certain that Leonard will generate a lot of attention as he describes himself as the Florida Panthers’ star player.

In Montreal, I wouldn’t say no to the idea. The Canadiens would have the luxury of being able to count on a guy who is capable of bringing a nice offensive touch to the team… But above all, they could count on a guy who loves disrupting opponents and who loves having his nose in traffic.

At this point, it’s a question of preference on the part of the organization. Because, in reality, there are still some excellent prospects available in the fifth spot, in addition to Leonard.

But hey. These players are rare in the NHL. And I’m convinced that the American will be an excellent addition to the team that drafts him.

All that remains to be seen is whether or not it will be in Montreal.

In gusto

– That’s a good question.

– Hmm. Interesting idea.

– He’ll have to stay healthy. That’s the biggest problem.

– This is a sign of mention.

– We’re talking about Guillaume Boivin and Hugo Houle. Go for it!

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