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Peter Laviolette intends to manage Alexis Lafrenière better than Gerard Gallant
The New York Rangers have fired head coach Gerard Gallant, following disappointment in the recent playoffs.

After two very good seasons (52-24-6 in 2021-2022 and 47-22-13 this season), he saw his club eliminated by the New Jersey Devils in the first round.

This year, New York had built a powerhouse with the addition of Vladimir Tarasenko and Patrick Kane, who gave the Rangers the most dangerous top-6 forward in the league. Unfortunately for them, not much came of it.

Peter Laviolette was chosen to replace Gallant, and he plans to test young Quebecer Alexis Lafrenière with quality playing time.

Laviolette held a press conference earlier this week and made an interesting comment about youngsters Lafrenière and Kaapo Kaako.

He said he wanted to give them a real chance, something Gallant doesn’t seem to have done in his two years at the Rangers helm.

“These young players need to get opportunities to grow. They need to be given the chance. We’re going to have conversations about that.” – Peter Laviolette

After three respectable seasons, Lafrenière could finally become the impact player he was meant to be, following his selection at the very top of the 2020 draft.

Despite never having surpassed the 40-point mark in a season, Laffy seems to be on the right track with a definite, albeit slower-than-expected, progression.

He reached a personal high of 39 points this season, including 16 goals, while playing mainly on a third line, at the age of just 21.

I don’t think there’s any cause for alarm in his case, but Laviolette’s arrival seems to be fairly positive news for the young Quebecer.

Could Lafrenière finally have his breakout year next season?

To do so, he’ll have to double his efforts, as his new coach’s watchword is hard work.

“My message to everyone is: let’s get to work. I think my message to the players is that we’re going to start working as soon as training camp starts, with a view to being ready for the playoffs and going a long way there” Peter Laviolette

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