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Jake Allen is said to be back at 100%.
Jake Allen is one of many CH players to have been injured at some point last season.

On the ice, the veteran’s performances sometimes left something to be desired… And it seems he hasn’t been 100% for a while.

Of course, when you’re playing with an injury of any kind, it affects your game. Especially for goalkeepers.

Today, however, the story is different. A source “well aware of the situation” told La Poche Bleue that the goalkeeper is fit and ready to face action next season.

Obviously, this is great news for him and for the organization.

In the same text, we also read that the CH has no intention of trading number 34.

Makes sense to me.

After all, Allen is tied to the team until the end of the 2024-2025 season. At $3.85 per season, he doesn’t really hurt Kent Hughes on the payroll, and he’s a good veteran.

He likes to support the organization’s young players and play the role of big brother to the kids. It’s not for everyone, and the Habs have to find a way to take advantage of it.

His presence is important in the dressing room, especially since the CH is not yet out of its rebuilding phase and there’s still a lot of learning to be done among the team’s young players.

In fact, the man who will celebrate his 33rd birthday in August should technically start next season in a number-two role, behind Samuel Montembeault.

Yes, some would like to see Primeau with the big club as early as next year, and let’s not forget that he’ll have to go through the ballot if he’s sent to the AHL. But, for the sake of his and Montembeault’s development, it would be a bit crazy to have three goalies with the CH next year…

Because there isn’t necessarily room for everyone. For Monty and Primeau to improve, they absolutely must have the opportunity to play on a regular basis.

Montembeault will be playing the final year of his pact with the CH next year, buthe wants to sign an extension before the start of next season .

Primeau, meanwhile, has two years left on his current contract. If the two young goaltenders have not signed a new deal by the end of their respective contracts, they will become restricted free agents.

So, the Canadiens have some choices to make. And the decisions that will be made following the team’s next training camp could provide clues as to what lies ahead for Primeau, Montembeault… and Allen.

In gusto

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Come on, boys!

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