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PLD: Slafkovsky (and a first-round pick) in return, raises José Théodore
The most popular name in Montreal in recent weeks is undoubtedly Pierre-Luc Dubois.

After all, there are developments on the file practically every day, and many are anxious to see the final outcome of this somewhat chaotic story.

And understandably so.

Will he play in Montreal? And if not, where will he play? These are the questions that keep coming up when we talk about him. If there’s one thing that seems to be certain, though, it’s that he won’t be playing in Winnipeg next year.

Barring a completely unexpected turn of events, Jets fans can forget about the scenario.

José Théodore weighed in on the subject in a recent column because Dubois reminds him of Vincent Damphousse, in the sense that the CH could deal for the services of a “star Quebec forward”.

Understandably, Theo is among those who really want to see the Quebecker land in Montreal, and he was keen to point out that, if there is a deal, Kent Hughes will have to pay top dollar to acquire him.

The former Flanelle goaltender believes that the Habs will have to part with (at least) one first-round pick… And he included the names of some of the organization’s prospects in a possible transaction:

We could also see a player like Juraj Slafkovsky or Kaiden Guhle leave for Winnipeg and also a prospect like Logan Mailloux. – José Théodore

I find it hard to believe that Kent Hughes would pay such a high price to acquire Pierre-Luc Dubois.

Without saying they’re necessarily untouchable, Juraj Slafkovsky was selected first overall in the 2022 draft… While Kaiden Guhle, in his first NHL season, was at times the Habs’ best defenseman.

I just can’t see the Habs GM throwing in the towel that early. Even if it’s to go after a center forward of Dubois’ calibre.

At the same time, Hughes wasn’t afraid to part with Alex Romanov last year in the deal that brought Kirby Dach to Montreal. But… Romanov wasn’t a first overall pick, and Romanov isn’t Guhle either.

Logan Mailloux’s case is a little different, in that he hasn’t yet had a taste of the NHL. The Jets, on the other hand, want established players who can help right away… And that’s why I don’t see the “fit” with Mailloux in the deal.

To acquire a good NHL player, you have to make sure you can pay the price. But it’s been said over and over again: the CH may not have what it takes to dance with the Jets.

And even if Kevin Cheveldayoff is open to changing his plan, that doesn’t mean Kent Hughes will follow him.

In gusto

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