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Martin St-Louis: his presence (greatly) influenced Sean Monahan’s comeback

For the first time since signing his contract, Sean Monahan spoke to the media. Although not the most expressive of the bunch, the Canadiens’ center forward seemed happy to be there.

Why? Because he’s happy to be in shape.

Even though he said last year that he was in shape, he said that every player is going to say they’re in shape, but they’re the only ones who really know how they feel.

And right now, he feels better than he did last year. It’s been “four or five years” since the man who skates a few times a week these days has felt this way.

So he wants to help the Habs make the playoffs. After all, he’s proud to play for the Habs, and he felt he wasn’t done doing what he had to do with the Habs and their fans.

So he’s happy to be in town to help the young core progress. That’s what it takes.

But that’s not what I’m getting out of this. Monahan, who is a great asset to the Habs, said the presence of Martin St-Louis is a big factor in his return.

Monahan went into great detail about how good the coach is with the guys and how much fun it is to play for him. His infectious passion and the time he takes with the guys has an effect.

St-Louis also helped him rediscover a passion for field hockey. Monahan finds him connected (he was still playing eight years ago, after all) and very close to his players. He allows them to learn from their mistakes, which fits in with 2023 field hockey.

Yes, the coach is a selling point for free agents.

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