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Pierre-Luc Dubois wants to do things right with the Jets (and that hurts the Canadiens)

I’ve always had the feeling that the Habs wanted to add a center to their roster for the future. After all, we saw how different the club looked when Sean Monahan was healthy last year.

And I swear I wrote that paragraph BEFORE the Habs announced Sean Monahan’s one-year contract.

People close to me may find me tiresome with this, but I say it often: I’d rather have the Habs overflowing with center players than the other way around.

After all, a center can more easily play on the wing than the other way around. If there are injuries, it gives the club the depth that good teams need.

I’m 27 years old. For me, big center lines in Montreal are a mirage…

Of course, if there’s one name that comes up a lot, it’s Pierre-Luc Dubois. The Winnipeg Jets player won’t be easy to get out of, we agree, but we know the Habs are on the case – even if it’s a risky gamble.

We also know that there is competition in the file. The name of the Los Angeles Kings often comes up.

And when we read that the California club might be tempted to offer Quinton Byfield or Gabe Vilardi in addition to a Sean Durzi-style defenseman, it’s clear that he won’t be “given” to the Habs simply because he’s from around here.

Yesterday, Eric Engels made a daring prediction for the draft: if the Habs can’t draft a Will Smith or Leo Carlsson type at the draft, they might be more tempted to push hard to get Dubois out of Manitoba.

Is this the Habs’ plan? Since I have the feeling that management would also like to have a good center line (which Monahan can’t provide over 82 games), I don’t doubt it.

So, a good center would be added.

And I don’t think it will be done by going after the 2024 pick that was sent to the Coyotes two years ago to have the elements to make a hostile bid. If it’s going to happen, I don’t think it’s going to be like that: it’s going to be via a transaction.

But of course, there’s the fact that the Jets have to get what they want to trade him to Montreal. And for a deal to happen, a contract has to be in place for the long haul.

Does the Habs have what it takes?

In fact, the more time passes, the more we sense that the Quebecer may be slipping through the fingers of Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton. But why?

Because the CH is not alone in the race.

While the situation is calmer these days (teams are mostly preparing for the draft), it seems that the Habs aren’t really in the driver’s seat.

It’s a feeling I’ve had for a while, and it seems to be shared by Arpon Basu.

In fact, because Pierre-Luc Dubois wants to do things right with the Jets without forcing them to trade him to Montreal alone, this opens up possibilities across the NHL.

And as you know, the Habs may not be able to afford to give the Jets the established players they want.

Add to that the fact that Dubois might be asking too much money for the CH and we have the perfect storm of a rumor that might never materialize down the road.

And that would be a shame.

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