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Carey Price away from Montreal? Not really

The departure of Carey Price and his family from Montreal made headlines earlier this week. It was everywhere, including here, and was seen by many as the end of an era for the Montreal Canadiens. Already, the on-ice field hockey part was a thing of the past, and we’ve known that for a long time, but now the citizen part of the Price clan is coming to an end.

Is that so?

Well, not entirely.

Earlier this week, Carey’s wife, Angela Price, appeared on Frank Freeway’s The drive by podcast and made a few statements that put the situation slightly differently than we expected.
According to her, Carey Price will be back in Montreal for training camp, and she’ll also be back to do a few things related to her business. She explains that they’re going to buy a home on the island of Montreal so they can have a foothold in La Belle Province.

For her part, we know about her professional activities and the collaborations she’s been able to establish here with various partners and suppliers based here. But for Carey, it’s a little less clear. Apart from coming to watch his former team-mates play, what does he have to gain by maintaining a link with the city where he spent his entire playing career?

It’s understood that he’s still contractually bound to the Habs, and that on certain occasions he’ll have to undergo physical assessments to confirm that he’s no longer fit to play, but that’s about it hockey-wise. Unless there are more unofficial ways.

Of course, this is pure speculation on my part, but it’s known to happen in the field hockey world. Remember that Jonathan Drouin awkwardly declared that Shea Weber was retired and that he wasscouting with Marc Bergevin? Could Carey do the same?

For the average person, buying a house is a decision that carries a lot of meaning and has a major impact on a person’s life. If you buy a house, it’s because you have medium- and long-term plans for the environment in which it’s located. So, one might be tempted to think that this implies that Price wants to return to Montreal for many years to come. But in reality, it’s a little different for him, because he won’t need to take out a 20-year mortgage to fit into his budget. He’s not afraid of the welcome tax either, I promise! So, he may very well acquire this new home and dispose of it in a few months.

All this to say that it doesn’t really mean anything except that, somewhere, the Prices want to keep a privileged contact with their adopted province.

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